Travel Safely And Politely - Tips For Taxi Usage After A Night On The Town

Rather than throwing your fate to the wind and putting yourself at risk of the consequences surrounding drunk driving, it's important that you take steps to guarantee your safety. If you've been out with your friends and enjoying a rollicking good time, pouring yourselves into a cab for a safe ride home is often a wise choice. However, rambunctious passengers can be difficult for drivers to handle, and it's important that you go out of your way to remain courteous.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should follow to guarantee a smooth cab right after you've been out drinking. Keeping these suggestions in mind will help ease communications between you and your driver and should put you in a position to arrive safely with minimal stress.

Designate A Point Person

Taxi drivers are, to a certain extent, at the mercy of their passengers. Once provided with a destination and travel instructions, a driver can easily become confused and frustrated if contradictory orders come flying his or her way out of the backseat.

Rather than allowing intoxicated people to argue with each other in a way that confuses your driver, you should make it clear upon entering which of you is the head of the group. This way, the driver can filter extraneous instructions and focus on delivering you safely and securely to your destination.

Speak Up If Feeling Unwell

When you enter a cab, you may notice that many of them carry a warning indicating that you'll be charged a large cleanup fee if there happens to be any vomit or other mess in the taxi. While these fees exist to provide the driver with some security, they would certainly rather not be in a position to levy them.

If you or someone in your group begins to feel unwell, there's no shame in speaking up and asking your driver to pull over. Most of the time, they'll be able to do so quickly and safely, avoiding an uncomfortable and costly situation for all involved.

Be Mindful Of Your Belongings

Once you enter a cab at the end of a long night, it's easy to let exhaustion overwhelm you and suddenly become careless about your possessions. It's important that you remember that a cab is still, basically, a public area, and if you leave things lying in the car, there's no guarantee that they'll be successfully returned to you. Rather than risking losing items and putting your driver through the stress of locating them, take time to quickly check the interior of the taxi for belongings on your way out the door.

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