Four Tips For Writing An Online Hotel Review

When you've just checked out of your hotel after a top-notch stay, you might be eager to tell your friends and family members about the good time you had. In some cases, you might even enthusiastically recommend the hotel, based on the quality of your stay. If you really want to spread the word about your positive experience, take the time to write a hotel review. There are numerous review websites that accept reviews from users -- all you need to do is create an account and get writing. Here are some tips to use when you put the review together.

Include Specific Details

The key to successfully reviewing a hotel is to be as specific as possible. Don't just write that the stay was satisfactory and that you had a good time -- instead, explain the factors that left you with a positive impression of the hotel. For example, write that the check-in process took under two minutes or that a front desk clerk remembered you by name when you passed by later in the day. Share that the property was ideal for kids because of the indoor swimming pool and the extensive breakfast buffet.

Don't Hesitate To Name Names

Many hotel managers peruse online review sites to read about guests' experiences, so don't be afraid to mention of the names of the staff members who made your stay memorable. Not only does this provide specific information, but it might help that staff member get a commendation from his or her manager. For example, write, "John B. was the clerk when we checked in. I'd made a mistake with my online reservation but he cheerfully fixed it for me."

Be Realistic About Any Critiques

If there was a small element about the stay that you didn't like, don't be afraid to share it in the name of writing a comprehensive review. Just be sure that is brings value to future guests. For example, if a baby was crying in the dining room next to you, it might have been an unfortunate experience but isn't something that should discourage future guests from visiting.

Include Photos

If you happened to take any photos during your stay, be sure to include them in your review. While your words are important, your fellow travelers will appreciate being able to see exactly how the hotel looks from a guest's perspective. Depending on the photos that you snapped, you can include exterior photos, photos of your room and the bathroom, lobby photos and even any photos of your food in the dining room or ordered from room service.

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